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Success Stories
Our Most Recent Adoptees


​2020--97.3% live rate - intake 15 animals (12 dogs and 3 cats), 36 adoptions (33 dogs and 3 cats), 1 euthanized (hospice dog-end of life)

2019--91% live release rate - intake 41 animals, 30 adoptions (28 dogs and 3 cats), 2 deaths in care, 1 euthanized.

2018 --91% live release rate- intake 47 animals (42 dogs and 5 cats), adoptions 39 dogs and 4 cats, 3 deaths in care, 1 euthanized.  

2017 --97.3% live release rate- intake 43 animals (42 dogs and 1 cat), adoptions 37 (36 dogs and 1 cat), 1 euthanized.

2016--98.4% live release rate-intake 70 animals (67 dogs and 3 cats), adoptions 65 (62 dogs and 3 cats), 1 euthanized.  

(Total live outcomes/total outcomes is the formula used to determine the live release rate)
Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we are not able to save them all.  We will keep trying, for they all deserve a chance.  One by One...until there are none that need rescued.

During 2020, partially in response to COVID, we changed our operating practices to focus on getting the animals out of the Claremore Animal Shelter as quickly as possible, thus eliminating a transition point and source of stress for the animals.  This reserved foster care for only those animals that had no other options.  This involved spending an increased amount of time at the shelter, constantly getting updated pictures of the animals, continuously updating the shelter's national adoption sites, and assisting with skills assessment and basic training of the shelter animals.  In addition, our efforts at the Claremore Animal Shelter led to a 49.1% increase in the number of cat adoptions.