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To ensure the best possible future for our animals and their new families, prior to adoption,    our rescues are spayed or neutered, are tested to be or are treated to be heart-worm free, they are on a heart-worm, flea and tick preventatives, and are current on all vaccines.  
All of our rescues are micro-chipped and registered for one year, that registration transferable to your name after a year.  These services are included in their adoption fee.

Adoptable Pets
If you're looking for a great little companion dog, Scarlett is your girl.  Scarlett is super sweet, lovable and has great manners.  She's curious, playful, loves her toys and loves people.  If you want a road companion, she rides very well in a car.  When Scarlett came into the program, she had practically no hair.  Thanks to Babe's Hope and One by One, some time and great care, Scarlett is her beautiful self again.  She's working on house training but is crate trained.  She has been through a training class and knows several commands. Her new family will be given a free class with her trainer. (Nice perk!) She gets along with other dogs but not cats. Scarlett is an American Pit Bull Terrier/hound mix, is 2 years old and weighs approximately 45 lbs.  
Looking for a fun loving addition to your family?  Travis is always happy, is quiet yet playful, and is full of energy.  He's very well behaved.  His favorite pass times are playing with his foster sister, shredding his stuffed toys, playing ball and enjoying human companionship.  He loves his attention!  Travis gets a long well with other dogs, and in fact, is a dog that needs another dog in the home.  He has not been cat tested yet.  He is house trained, crate trained, and knows how to use a doggy door.  Travis is a Boxer/Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler mix, is 2 years old, and weighs 57 lbs.   
Need a spunky and energetic companion who is up for anything? Sasha is a stunning ball of fun loving energy.  She"s extremely smart, and for the most part, is well behaved. (jumping/pulling on the leash are her issues). She is very quiet, but will alert you to things that you need to know about. Sasha does have a lot of energy and needs room to run, but would make an excellent addition to an active family.   Sasha is house trained and crate trained (doesn’t really like it after being at the shelter). She does well with most dogs and seems to be OK with cats.  She's a Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler & Pit Bull Terrier Mix, is 2 years old, and weighs about 44 lbs.

Looking to add some spunk to your world?  Ava can deliver.  She is a gentle, loving, affectionate girl. She loves attention!! Ava would make a great addition to an active family. She rides good in a car and walks good on a leash. She's an athletic girl who can jump 6' fences. She needs to be supervised outdoors. She enjoys playtime with her foster brother. Ava is house broken, crate trained, and can use a doggy door. She's great with male dogs but not with other females. She has not been cat tested to date. Ava is a 3 year old Hound/Boxer mix weighing 55 lbs.
Appropriately named, this is Sweetie.  Sweetie is a companion dog who loves to be wherever you are.  She has a heart of gold.  She is very smart and knows several commands.  She's affectionate and quiet, but will let you know if somethings going on you need to be aware of.  She has excellent manners and also rides well in a car.  She loves toys and A/C...not one for heat!  She does have some anxiety separation issues, but it results in drooling, not torn up stuff.  She's not destructive.  She's house broke, crate trained, is good with other dogs, with proper intros, and has lived with children.  Sweetie is an American Pit Bull Terrier mix, is 4 years old, and weighs approximately 53 lbs.
This is Ben, aka, Benji Bear. He looks like a dog, but he's really a big ole Teddy Bear!  This guy is, in a word, SPECIAL!  He is the sweetest dog.  Ben functions in 2 modes...lazy and play.  He lives with his 4 foster dogs, all small, and is very good with them.  He is literally thoughtful of their size and is quite gentle.  His foster mom sings his praises!!  Ben is fun and would make a wonderful family dog.  He rides in a car beautifully.  (He was in the shelter only because his owner was not responsible, allowing him to wonder the neighborhood.  It wasn't because of anything Ben did wrong.)  Ben is house and crate trained and can use a doggy door.  He's a 5 year old Labrador/American Pit Bull mix, weighing 66 lbs. 
This sleek beauty is Callie.  She's a very smart, loving girl, crazy for her humans! She walks at heal without a leash and stays with you off leash outside of a yard.  She rides well in a car.  She takes treats gently and is very good with kids.  If you throw a ball, she brings it back to your hand.  She's truly a well behaved girl.  Callie is learning to like cats, but she's not good with most other dogs, although she has a male friend she likes a lot.  She's a picky eater...needs wet food or yogurt in her dry food. Callie will alert you to potential problems. She has excellent house manners.  She knows all her basic commands, is house broke, crate trained, and uses a doggy door.  Callie is a 2 year old Whippet mix, weighing approximately 47 lbs.  (Callie has strong Whippet traits.  Most people aren't familiar with them, so follow THIS LINK to learn more about this amazing breed.)    
Isn't she adorable?  Suzie Q is a shy girl at first, but once she gets to know you, her loving, playful personality wins you over.  She's a lot of fun!!  Still puppy, and that's her charm.  She's new to our rescue, so as we learn more about her, we will update her bio.  She is working on her house training and crate training and uses a doggy door.  She's great with kids and with dog of all other sizes.  Suzie Q is a 6 month old Boxer/Labrador mix weighing 31 lbs.  
Meet Tara.  Tara is one loving girl!  She's all about her large stuffed toy that she prefers to sleep and play with than tear up.  She enjoys toys she can chew, but doesn't tear them up either.  She has excellent house manners, is quiet and loves being where you are.  She is a bit shy at first, but she warms up quickly.  She gets along with other dogs if they are laid back.  Tara isn't fond of the outdoors and prefers being in with her family.  She would make a loving companion in a quieter home.  She can sit, lay down and shake, can use a doggy door, is leash trained and house broke.  She's a 3 yr. old, Pit Bull Terrier mix weighing 69 lbs.
Need a well behaved, loyal and devoted companion? Coco may not be the prettiest girl on the block, but she is just a doll. Coco’s foster mom wishes she liked having her picture taken so that people could see her true beauty.  She is a happy, spunky and affectionate girl.  She is very quiet, but will alert  you if needed. She likes toys, playing with her foster brother, loves her soft cozy bed, but most of all enjoys spending time with people. Coco loves to go for walks and does very well on a leash
Coco is crate trained (sleeps in one every night), is house trained and knows how to use a doggiy door. She gets along well with her rowdy foster brothers and is fine with cats. Coco knows load up, kennel, and is in the process of learning more commands.  She is a 4 year old Terrier/Plott hound mix weighing 50 lobs.  

How can you resist that adorable face? Dixie had a litter at a young age and was an excellent mother. Her puppies have  now been adopted and it's her turn to find a good, forever home.  Dixie is affectionate and very smart. She can be stubborn at times, but not in a bad way. Since she is on the younger side, she is energetic and playful. Dixie loves playing in the yard with her foster sister, toys and Nylabones. She is still puppy like and will get into things if she is left unsupervised. She loves to get in your lap for attention. Dixie is a sweet loving girl that would make a great addition to the family.
She's house and crate trained. She's good with other dogs. Dixie knows sit and walks well on a leash and rides well in a car. Dixie is a Pit Bull Terrier mix, is 1 1/2 years old and weighs 47 lbs. 
Looking for a sweet girl to be your new best friend?  Daisy is a very nice dog, looking for a loving home.  She's very submissive and tends to frighten easily until she feels more secure.  She's a fun dog, to play and run outside. Daisy still has some puppy behaviors and likes to chew, but focuses that on her toys. She likes hard bones, rope toys, and loves balls. Her foster mom says she is a wonderful girl whose family will be very lucky to have her. The ideal situation for Daisy would be if she was placed in a home with a comparable sized young dog who can help her with her self-confidence and older children less likely to frighten her.  She has some patches of hair missing, but it's growing back nicely.  Daisy is house trained and crate trained. She is good with other dogs of all sizes, but no cats. She will chase squirrels and birds. Daisy is currently working on several commands-come, sit, off (leave it), and down.  She's a Labrador mix, is 1.5 years old and weighs 55 pounds.
Looking for  a gentle giant to complete your family? Bogey is a total love bug. He loves  everyone he meets.  He is attentive and wants to be right by your side. Bogey is a big boy in stature, but is a gentle teddy bear. He was a former veterans’ dog who was in a wheelchair so he never learned how to walk on a leash (which is why the pinch collar can be seen in his picture). He is currently in professional training for this as well as learning how to control his excitement. Bogey has storm anxiety. but has great house manners. He is house-broken and crate-trained (he crate, but doesn't love it). He gets along well with other dogs but has not been cat tested yet. He is good with wheelchairs and is working on basic commands.  Bogey is a 2 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix and weighs approximately 70lbs.
If you're a homebody looking for a companion, meet Duke.  Duke is also a homebody with little interest in going anywhere. He's a timid guy and needs time to warm up to you. Once your friends though,  he's happy to hang out with you. He's quiet and seems to prefer women, but does like some men. A quiet home with no children would probably be best for Duke. He's house-trained, crate-trained, and knows how to use a doggie door. He gets along with other dogs (originally found running with two other dogs), but has not been cat tested. He is leash trained and takes treats very nicely. Duke is an Autralian Shepherd, Australian Cattle dog/Blue Heeler mix, is 2 years old and weighs 50 lbs.
OH THOSE ADORABLE EARS!!   Is he not the cutest thing ever??  This is Eli.  He's an adorable ball of puppy energy. He's very smart and has a good attention span for a puppy. Eli is "treats" motivated so he is easily trainable. His favorite things are squeaker toys. Eli would do best in a home with other dogs or an active person and older or no children. He already knows come and sit (he learned these commands within just a couple of attempts) and is currently working on leash training.  Eli is working on his house training and is crate trained. He will let you know when he needs to go out, but hurry as he doesn’t give a lot of notice. Eli is good with other dogs, but has not been cat tested yet.  He's a Border Collie/Terrier mix, is 7 Months old and weighs 30 pounds. 
We appreciate your interest in adopting a pet.  Please browse these brief descriptions of our animals and inquire for more information regarding the adoption process by emailing us at
While we are not affiliated with the Claremore Animal Shelter, we have chosen to work in association with them to help place their animals.  To inquire about the animals they have for adoption, please call or click the button below.
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For more information call:  918-341-1260

Looking for a dog that enjoys travel, activity and running?  Gigi is your girl. Gigi loves to run and is very fast. She also loves to travel and going for rides. Gigi is very affectionate, well behaved and well mannered.   She  has a quiet and calm demeanor.  Our volunteers were instantly drawn to her when they first met her. Gigi can scale a 4ft fence. She loves children and would make a good addition to an active family.  Gigi is house trained, crate trained and knows how to use a doggie door. She's good with other dogs but not a fan of sharing her person with other dogs, though that might change given time. Gigi has not been cat tested yet. Gigi knows sit, down, stay, kennel, and is good on a leash.  She's 2 years old and weighs 50 pounds.
Looking for a fun loving dog to round out your family? Woody is a fun loving boy looking for a family to call his own.  He's a truly affectionate boy. His pictures don’t do him justice.  He gorgeous and has velvety soft coat. Woody is fairly quiet, always happy, loves life and loves being indoors. He enjoys gentle play with other dogs, but isn’t a fan of rough and tumble play. He would be an excellent addition to any family. Woody is house-trained, crate-trained, and knows how to use a doggie door. He's good with other dogs, but has not been cat tested yet. Woody is working on his leash training and knows how to shake.  He's a Pit Bull Terrier mixc, is 2 years old and weighs 61 pounds.
If you're  looking for an out-doorsy dog, think Oreo.  Oreo loves being outdoors.  He'd be great to take camping or hiking.  He's is a sweet boy who wants to play with everyone.  He's a fun dog!. Pictures do not do this guy justice as he is a stunning regal looking black beauty. Oreo does need some basic training, but is extremely intelligent and would pick up new skills quickly.   He gets along well with all other dogs as far as we can tell. He appears to be house and crate trained. He knows how to sit, so far. Oreo was very recently pulled into foster care so we are still learning about his full personality and capabilities. Oreo is a 1 year old Boxer mix weighing about 60 lbs. 
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This pretty girl is Holly.  She loves to be with you, and will follow her person everywhere. She'is very sweet and affectionate. She loves to sit in people’s laps and get hugs. Holly is very well behaved and has excellent house manners. She loves bones, toys, and getting belly rubs. She also loves going for rides and rides well in a car.  Holly is mostly house-trained (she has had a few accidents), is crate-trained, and knows how to use a doggie door. She gets along well with other dogs, but has not been cat tested. Holly knows sit, leave it, stay, and shake. She's a Pit Bull Terrier mix, is 2 years old and weighed approximately 51 pounds.
Meet "Mr. Personality".   Oliver is a  character.  He was in a shelter a long time before we met him, and immediately we were drawn to him.  He hasn't had anyone to work with him and he's full of energy.  He's a great dog and is trainable.  He will work for his treats and learns well.  For a person who is willing to work with him, he will make a wonderful pet.  Oliver gets along well with all other dogs as he is very submissive. He appears to be house and crate trained.  He's very new to our rescue and we are still learning about his personality.  Oliver is a Pit Bull Terrier mix, is 9 months old and weighs 50 lbs.  

Looking for a buddy to hang out with? Rusty is a truly great dog.  He's easy going and well mannerd.  He walks well on a leash which means he has had some training at some point in his life.  Our volunteers just love this gentle boy with his sweet disposition.   Helgets along well with other dogs that are submissive or will let him be the boss.  He likes being in charge, as he has alpha tendencies.  It's still too soon to tell as to whether this is his true demeanor or not. He appears to be house and crate trained.   He just entered into foster care on April 6th, 2019 so we are still learning about his personality and capabilities.  Rusty is a Pit Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier mix, is 4 years old and weighs 61 lbs.
We currently have no Feline Friends for adoption.

Meet Charlie.   Charlie is a social butterfly.  This handsome boy is affectionate and loves everyone.  He loves kids, because of his puppy like energy level, we would recommend no small children. Everyone who meets Charlie falls in love with his enthusiasm for fun and life. Charlie has good house manners.  He would truly make a great addition to a family. He does need a doggie companion in his new home as he so loves to play and romp around.  Charlie is house trained, crate trained (needs motivation to go into the crate), and knows how to use a doggie door.  He's great with all other dogs  wasn’t properly socialized to cats. Charlie is learning basic commands and is good on a leash.   Charlie is a 2 year old Boxer mix and weighs approximately 65 lbs.